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March 4th, 2009

Mar. 4th, 2009

Captive Dreams
National Poundcake Day

Thanks to Nancy Kress for pointing out these vital national events

Every month has its share of federally approved commemoration days, but March seems especially blessed. And many of them focus on food. A partial calendar:

March 4, today, is National Poundcake Day. Are you planning to eat any poundcake?
March 6 is Frozen Food Day.
March 14 is National Potato Chip Day -- your bag of Doritos will be guilt-free because
it's a patriotic duty.
March 25 is Waffle Day, even though this was the day that not waffles but pancakes
were first made in New York City in 1882.
And, my personal favorite: March 28 is "Something on a Stick Day." I thought of a lot
of bad jokes to put here, but I'll refrain.

Your Congress at work.  I can hardly wait until the 28th. 

This is Really Kool

Like they say in The January Dancer and Up Jim River, "it's a big Spiral Arm."  The Orion Arm is not really an arm at all, but a "thick volume" between the Sagittarius and the Perseus arms and can be considered a part of the Perseus Arm.  It is home to the dreaded Confederation of Central Worlds, ruled by Those of Name.  Most of the named features on the map are in the CCW.  The Perseus Arm is home to the United League of the Periphery, centered about were it says "Crab Nebula," where all the actions in both books have so far taken place.  The starless region in between is called the Rift. 

The View from the Galactic North.  Draw an oval around the Sun running to about the n in Orion, and that is the CCW.  A similar circle on the Perseus arm below it and shifted a bit to the right is the ULP.  The dark area below the word "Orion" is the Rift.  The dark area below and to the right of "Perseus" is the Rim, although technically, a portion of the Cygnus arm is thinning out there. 


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