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We Had So Much Fun

with the two photographs of the sea at La Jolla (where one could mark for comparison the high tide line on both photos) that we thought Our Faithful Reader would enjoy these two photos.  The first one accompanied an "open" letter by 250 scientists, mostly not "climate" scientists, denouncing those with doubts about the Sacred Simulations.  The second comes from the same photographer. 

Here, side-by-side:

There are two theories: 
1. The Last Penguin reached the ice floe first and was basking in the sun.  Later, the Last Polar Bear, swimming to Antarctica from the warming at the North Pole, climbed aboard and ate the penguin.  (That the polar bear came later can be seen from the "high noon" position of her shadow.) 
2. There are two identical ice floes, one in the north and the other in the south polar regions, floating past identical ripples in the otherwise glassy sea, while miraculously similar clouds scud through the sky.  A cloud bank on the horizon in the first shot coincidentally occupies the same location as the land mass in the second shot.  And both floes happened to be boarded by local fauna, whom the same photographer fortuitously captured on film (or digits) standing in the self-same location. 

If anyone has a more likely theory, we are open to suggestions. 
Tags: global warming, untergang des abendlandes

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