June 29th, 2009

Captive Dreams

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from the Maverick Philosopher, an especially deep thought: 

All too frequently people say, ‘You’re comparing apples and oranges’ in order to convey the idea that two things are so dissimilar as to to disallow any significant comparison. Can’t they do better than this? Apples and oranges are highly comparable in respects too numerous to mention. Both are fruits, both are edible, both grow on trees, both are good sources of fiber, both contain Vitamin C, etc.

Why not say, ‘You are comparing apples and sparkplugs’? Apples are naturally occurrent and edible while sparkplugs are inedible artifacts. That’s a serious difference.

(Stipulated: there are instances in Guinness in which people have eaten an entire automobile.)  

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Samuel Clemens' poetical theory of history:

“History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”
-- Mark Twain

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And a pair of observations from Aquinas that indicate that, had only the medieval world not crashed, Galileo would not have had so rough a time. 

The suppositions that these astronomers have invented need not necessarily be true; for perhaps the phenomena of the stars are explicable on some other plan not yet discovered by men
De coelo, II, lect. 17

"the theory of eccentrics and epicycles is considered as established, because thereby the sensible appearances of the heavenly movements can be explained; not, however, as if this proof were sufficient, forasmuch as some other theory might explain them."
Summa theologica, I, q.32, a.1, ad. 2