September 22nd, 2009

Captive Dreams

Now that Eid Has Come and Gone

A Gross Insult to British Muslims

…The UK Home Office staff were warned officially...

[The UK] Home Office staff were officially warned not to eat in front of their fasting Muslim colleagues during Ramadan – in case it made them feel hungry.

The advice came in a taxpayer-funded internal document listing do’s and don’ts during the Muslim holy month, which ends this weekend.

The Home Office Islamic Network produced the five-page information sheet which says: ‘In practical terms, please be sensitive when eating lunch near a Muslim colleague who is fasting.

This can make an individual feel hungrier and make it more challenging to observe the fast.’

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which claims to be fighting a ‘political jihad against Islamophobia’, attacked the document. It said: ‘It is designed to create more hatred in the hearts of non-Muslims. We don’t care how much non-Muslims eat in front of us.’ ‘It’s never been an issue and never will be and we have never asked for any special treatment or sensitivity from non-Muslims whilst fasting.’

Now MPAC does not have it quite right.  No one who understands the Age of the Pussyfoot will believe that the UK government was engaging in a clever reverse psychology tactic to get infidels to resent muslims by telling them not to eat in front of fasters.  [The mayor of London went so far as to suggest that non-muslims should join in the fast, citing the modern God of Health.]  As the muslims pointed out, non-muslims have been eating in front of muslims for centuries with no ill effect. 

No, the insult is a bit more subtle and a bit more direct. 

The government has told consciencious muslims that their act of faith, one of the pillars of Islam, is not strong enough to withstand the secular world unless it gets an assist from the ever-solicitous nanny state.

There is also a sort of "hate speech." There will be no such memo regarding the Lenten fast for those few Britons who might still keep it.  But the tenor of the memo, to fasting muslims, is: "we are so afraid of you we’re going to go to unnecessary lengths to placate you."  

This is rather insulting.  Britain has the usual hate-speech-for-some laws, and speech which denigrates Islam is considered hate speech.  So perhaps they should prosecute the Home Office. 

"The Anchoress" writes:

The state, which understands very little, does not understand that when one is fasting, the challenge of maintaining the fast while in the midst of others who are eating only makes the sacrifice that much more meaningful and valuable. The UK Nannystate is so accustomed to making everything “easier” for its citizenry, so in the habit of removing challenges from the lives of the English people, that it cannot understand the concept of purposely doing something difficult, challenging and self-abnegating.

The British Government no longer understands the noble and honorable concept of sacrifice. And whoever thought, 60 years ago, that anyone would ever write such a sentence?

Captive Dreams

Coming soon to an underground bunker near you....

Just When You Think That There Are No Weirder Conspiracy Theories Out There

Forget Van Jones and the Truther conspiracy that Bush brought down the World Trade Center.  Forget the Birthers and the gigantic cover-up of Obama's true birthplace.  Forget Area 51 and Roswell.  Forget even Dan Brown and the albino assassin monk from an order that has no monks, or the long twilight struggle between the Freemasons and the Vatican. 

The truth has now come out about Denver International Airport!  Read and fear:

The scariest thing about this is that we cannot be quite sure it is a satire or actually believed. 

(The link is now fixed.)