m_francis (m_francis) wrote,

Deja vu all over again

Plus ca Change

In 1938, the British government commissioned a survey of colonial Africa (the “Hailey report”).  Some of its findings and recommendations are listed below and compared to the 2005 UN Millennium Project report.  

h/t First Things

Now, it might be argued that after 1938 the British government was distracted by events in Europe and that after these events no European country was economically capable of doing anything for another ten years while the damage was repaired and the infrastructure rebuilt.  And that by that time, the European governments were bailing out of Africa as fast as they could.  (Except in a handful of locations, the African colonies were a net drain on European resources.) 

So perhaps is it no surprise that after almost 70 years little has changed.  But one does get the impression that the UN cribbed from the Hailey report.  The UN cannot be original even in their inactivity.  But, damnitall, we know how to treat Vitamin A deficiency...

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